Bi-folding Doors



We design and fit Bi-folding doors to match any specification our customers require. The advantage of a Bi-fold door is that it can be built to fit the opening entrance of practically any width or height of your commercial or residential property.
Bi-folding Doors offer fantastic options for businesses such as hotels, care homes, schools, nurseries, shops and even offices – in fact anywhere where you might want to create a sense of space and accessibility. Many customers choose to have Bi-folding Doors installed when they want to make it easier to access the inner or external areas of a commercial or residential premises, such as front, side or back gardens, terraces, pools, saunas and other opening spaces.

At Brit Shop Fitters we can help ensure that your Bi-fold Doors fit just right by measuring the area where you want them fitted. We also offer the flexibility to have them designed in any colour or size.

You can choose from

Aluminum Doors / Windows These provide a level of flexibility in the design and profile thickness – the slimmer the aluminum profile, the more can be made of glass panes to provide more light into the premises. In addition, they make it easy to build your aluminum door or window to any specification and fold.

Thermal Bi-folding Doors These are ideal wherever you need to maintain a certain level of temperature, whether that’s a heated or a chilled area. Wherever pedestrian access is needed, our doors are designed to offer insulation to reduce thermal loss as well as to manage water and air permutation.

Double Glazed or Triple Glazed When noise pollution, warmth and security are in question choosing Double or Triple Glazed doors is a must. Not only are these types of glass units ideal for buildings in busy or noisy areas but they also offer more in terms of environmental sustainability by preventing heat from escaping. As a result, they help keep energy costs low. Double and Tripled Glazed doors make use of the latest in glass technology and can be supplied and fitted for any type of door or window area.

French Doors French Doors enable you to make the maximum use of the opening and therefore natural sunlight to your garden, patio area or terraced space. They are often installed to the back of your home or business premises but can also be installed to the front. Doors can be measured and designed to fit any space you need and come with a variety of security locks and glass types for your safety and protection.

All our Bi-fold Doors open and close smoothly and effortlessly. They’re based on the latest technology and so provide energy efficient coolness in summer and warmth in winter so you can rest assured all year around.