Brit Shop Fitters Shutters


Our shop Shutters are designed to add enhanced and reinforced security for your business out of hours. When you shut up shop for the night our Shutters are working to keep your premises and assets safe. They are reinforced with metal or steel to offer protection against fire as well as illegal entry.
At Brit Shop Fitters we’re able to design, build and install shop Shutters quickly and to any specification you require. We supply and fit the following types of shop Shutters:

  • Solid Shutters – which offers total invisibility from the externals
  • Punched & Glazed Roller Shutters – which can range from a low to higher level of visibility from the externals
  • Perforated Roller Shutters – the patterned structure provides a secure but see-through feature so products can be still viewed
  • Rolling Grills – these offer the maximum amount of visibility while still providing a high level of security

Just as each business, organisation or client is different, so is each need so all our Shutters come with the flexibility to be adapted to your requirements, no matter what type of entrance your property has. This includes a variety of options for how you would like to operate the Shutters, ranging from remote handset to key or rocker switch.

We understand that as well as providing a practical level of security shop Shutters are also an extension of the branding of your business or organisation and so can be easily powder coated to any British Standard or RAL colour you would like. They can be designed and installed to provide protection for nearly any type of entrance you have, and our turn-around times are quick so whatever your need, don’t hesitate to give us a call.