Brit Shop Fitters Shopfronts

The front of your shop is vital to both the success of your business and its security. You will therefore want a shopfront design that makes customers and clients feel welcomed but also offers adequate levels of safety and security during both opening and closing hours.

Brit Shop Fitters can help by designing and installing the shopfront that fits your needs, Shopfronts that look inviting, meet your budget and can be installed quickly, whether you are looking for replacements or a totally new installation.

The Shopfronts we design and install include:

  • Aluminum Shopfronts
  • Timber Shopfronts
  • Toughened Glass
  • Curtain-walling Shopfronts
  • Automatic Doors


Aluminium Shopfronts



If it’s versatility you want, then aluminium shopfronts cannot be recommended highly enough. Not only are they versatile, but they are economical too. They also give an excellent and stylish first impression to clients and customers. And those first impressions really do count.

We offer a wide variety of window designs, suitable for shopfronts, reception areas or office entrances. Aluminium windows are long-lasting and durable and you will be delighted with the range we have to choose from. Aluminium is also lightweight yet strong.

Our aluminium windows can be tailor-made to suit your requirements and come in a choice of colours with a variety of door designs and door handles, glazing bars and mullions, and clear or tinted glazing to suit all tastes.

Aluminium shopfronts are extremely flexible and can be altered as shops or business premises evolve over time. With their modular design, windows can easily be repaired and replaced. They also offer a high degree of security, which offers peace of mind to shop and business owners.

Timber Shopfronts


Our Timber Shopfronts are ideal for any commercial outlet and can be supplied and fitted to any size. In contrast to glass or aluminium shopfronts, Timber Shopfronts offer the traditional look and appeal that you can only get with the elegance of natural wood and skilled carpentry. By drawing on the skill of our highly experienced craftsmen we’re able to offer our clients real flexibility in the design and aesthetic look of a timber shopfront, thereby helping you to create a finish that is unique to your business and brand.

Some types of buildings, especially listed buildings, can only have Timber shopfronts installed due to conservation reasons. In such instances you may be looking to have an existing structure repaired or replaced. Brit Shop Fitters can supply and fit new or replacement Timber Shopfronts and our rates are highly competitive. Your Timber Shopfront can be painted, varnished or glazed to enhance the character of the wood and is usually made using hardwood timber and so is very endurable. We’ll complete your shopfront with laminated or toughened glass and any type of door or shutter for added security.

Toughened Glass Shopfronts


These suit any type of business where product or service exposure is important to the success of the business or organisation. Or it may be that you simply want to offer a modern welcoming look but with some level of privacy, in which case we can install reinforced glass doors that are tinted to offer any level of visibility for the privacy you need.

Toughened glass offers maximum visual display without compromising security or safety. They come reinforced to offer strength, longevity and safety. Glass shopfronts can be manufactured and fitted to meet any type of scale so however grand or modest the building and premises, we can match that need.

Your toughened glass shopfront can be designed with any type of door with handles and fittings to match the aesthetics you are after. Glass can be clear, tinted or graphically designed to create a distinctive look that is very much your own. With all our toughened glass shopfronts, we keep in mind ease of access, security, privacy and level of visibility.

Curtain-walling Shopfronts


Curtain-walling is non-structural so can be produced from lightweight materials, thereby reducing overall building costs. If glass is utilised in the curtain-walling, then a building becomes light and airy, reducing the cost of keeping it warm in winter or cool in summer. This also provides a pleasant working environment, filled with natural light and air.

Curtain-walling adds immense variety to the appearance of buildings and can create impressive and stylish effects. It is an attractive and modern choice of building envelope.

Brit Shop Fitters build and install Curtain-walling for:

  • Schools
  • Churches

We can also build and install Curtain-walling for other types of civic or commercial buildings, such as council offices and office blocks or wherever else you wish to incorporate natural light and air into the building design and ambience.

As mentioned above, curtain-walling that is created predominantly with glazing adds a sleek and sophisticated look to any business premises – whether the curtain-walling features mirrored, tinted or opaque glass. Curtain-walling is usually designed in two ways – stick build or ladder frame.

With a great range of mullions and transoms to fulfil any design requirements, eye-catching multi-storey curtain-walling can be achieved. Our range of gaskets and pressure plates mean that panels of different widths can be integrated into the same wall, and all of our products are tested to the highest possible standards.

Curtain-walling can also achieve high levels of thermal insulation. Its two-part system of pressure plates on glazed parts beneath a cover cap ensures a reliable thermal break.

Why not get in touch to discuss the options for your premises?

Automatic Doors


Brit Shop Fitters’ automatic doors come with the in-built technology required for any modern building needs. They offer convenience and flexibility, so can be designed to fit the shopfront of any commercial or civic premises.

Automatic doors make good business sense when you have lots of people coming in and out. Perhaps more importantly, they also make it easier for you to meet the needs of customers that may need a little extra help when accessing or exiting your premises, such as the frail or elderly, physically impaired, the wheelchair bound or those carrying children or heavy shopping. In this way automatic doors can make a huge difference to the success of your business or ability of customers and clients to access the services you have on offer.

The doors work by the use of fail-proof sensory technology that detects and responds to body heat and movement when a person approaches the doors. They can be manufactured to fit most types of shopfronts.

At Brit Shop Fitters the doors we fit and supply are mainly manufactured using a combination of glass and aluminium to offer maximum strength, lightness and visibility. They are practical, hardwearing and safe.